Sunday, August 06, 2006

Sobha John is smart....

When she says she can name police officials and ministers who are involved she has pulled a fast one. Now the case will zig-zag its way into eternity. The tantri will go back to his lucrative job of taking care of the Gods(?), Sobha John will surface in some place else and the men in power will go the way of all flesh, cloaked in red, saffron or the many colured insignias of their political ideologies.

Hedonism is evident in our land and we declare ours is an literate society, women enjoy high status etc. The second one cannot be denied, now we have them making a pile in the world's oldest profession, their numbers multiplying.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Grist for saviours of religion in Kerala

first it was the conclave of Astrologers to find out what was going wrong in the rituals in the Sabarimala Temple. Then came the women (film stars) who said they had entered the portals of the temple and touched the idol, which is considered sacrilege. AND now comes the tantri who frequents a flat in Kochi for other diversions. the police went to town with exact number of times the Tantri had called on the lady. A temple with lots of funds and plenty of development taking place is eyed by our well-meaning politicians, and of course the protector of the religion.

A volte face-the tantri was nailed by a gang which planned to extort money from God's representative at Sabarimala. He had to part with 40 sovereigns of gold and Rs 20,000 for his freedom. No questions asked about the source because attention has got diverted to the misdemeanours of the woman who is in the business of supplying girls to the 'needy'.....
this can of worms can spread far... wait and watch...

Is there no end to this misplaced concern of the politician

Did not even for a moment feel secure when I read of the Kerala govt's decision to send a senior bureaucrat to render all help to the four 'Malayalee victims' of the M'bai train blasts. While we saw and heard of the spirit of the Mumbaikar, one was left wondering if our home grown politician, this side of Walayar would ever know how to respond to such an event as an "INDIAN". We have got so used to responding to the situation of the Malayalee in the Gulf that we forget that M'bai is in the Indian union. It must have been the most embarassing moment for the Malayalee Mumbaikar when the news of the emissary from Kerala being sent back appeared in the press.

By this same logic, does it mean the Bengali, Tamilian, Kannadiga and the Sikh (the few that are here) in Kerala may have to wait for their respective state govts to come to their aid in case of a crisis within the borders of Kerala.

The Mumbaikar (Malayalee) may be living in concrete jungles, travelling great distances to work and putting up with a lot of inconveniences, but, ask them if they'd come to Kerala if a better life is assured here. You can be sure it will be a miniscule that will accept the offer. God's Own Country is not the creation of the Malayalee. What have we done to enhance the quality? The least we have done in our social interaction is to improve our EQ and that shows up miserably.

The politician of course goes thru life in a haze and daze! Wonder if he thought that response to the M'bai train blasts would earn him/govt goodwill, which would translate into votes???