Saturday, April 28, 2007


Haven’t we all heard of the “apartheid” practiced by our Indian brethren. Was told that Indians do not step into restaurants where the dark races serve them, in South Africa!! That is apartheid M,

What made this thought cross my mind? No, it wasn’t the Munnabhai hangover. Instead, it has to do with Shilpa Shetty’s media attention drawing antics. First it had to do with her ‘hurt’ at the Reality Show, (“All Indians are my brothers and sisters” – so all siblings were hurt! The Nation was hurt!) and now she’sbending backwards to say that Richard Gere smothered her on stage to create awareness regarding AIDS. Shilpa knows where her Sterlings are going to come from, so she backs to the hilt the actor who seems to take keen interest creating awareness on AIDS in the sub continent.

When we thought the matter was nearly closed, the hero has deigned to apologise, if there is a demand for it. Was he not reading the newspapers or watching TV to gauge the reaction of the Media to that smooch… They kept asking Ms Shetty the 'Whys and the Wherefors' and she kept repeating, “Please don’t act immature. Richard had already told me that he would plant a few kisses on stage” for effect. Pleeeeze, I’m not a kid, I can understand”.

One of course could understand her reaction but Ma’m would she be as forgiving if one of our desi heroes did the same thing for the noble cause – AIDS Awareness. “No Kissing Please” We are Indians. We-are-like-that only-syndrome.

Now you know why I mentioned brown ‘apartheid’.